Everybody is on Facebook. There are 800 million active users every month on Instagram. There are over 300 million active monthly users on Twitter. LinkedIn is one of the most trusted business social portals around. Pinterest users are slowly increasing in numbers, with over 150 million active users every month on this picture and information sharing portal.

What do all of these social media sites have in common? These are used by companies everywhere to increase their market reach and to give more people easy access to what they have to sell. In short, these are the new avenues for advertising that companies now use, and we at Cebu Digital Hub are here to help your site tap this massive market. Our social advertising services helps you reach the millions of possible customers that your company may have and we do this with the help of the ads that you can post on these.

Social Advertising Services

Facebook Advertising – Undeniably the most popular social media platform in the world. With its 1.7 billion members, you get to reach a wide audience with your ads here, depending on how it is set up.

Twitter Advertising – This is another portal that has millions of users that you can reach with your ads. Each promoted tweet is sure to capture the attention of people who might find what you are advertising as interesting.

Instagram Advertising – A picture paints a thousand words, or so they say. With the images that you use for your Instagram advertising, you are sure to give your target market a clear idea of what you are promoting even if you use very little words with it.

LinkedIn Advertising – If your target market is professionals and people in the realm of business, then LinkedIn advertising should be considered for your company. Help boost your business with the help of these highly targeted ads on this professional social portal.

Pinterest Advertising – Advertising on Pinterest gives you a whole new audience, one that actually collects what you post and keeps it until they need it. This portal also helps you share more than just images, with you being able to add links to your site and other social media accounts you may have.

Cebu Digital Hub is one of the few digital marketing agencies in the country that focuses solely on paid ads on both search and social media. This means that our company is laser-focused on what it takes to succeed when it comes to advertising on any of these avenues. This also means that you get properly targeted advertising on the mediums that you choose with the help of skilled and experienced professionals.

Our team of social media advertising professionals will find which portals best suit your company’s advertising needs and will come up with eye-catching and share-worthy ads that will help you reach the people you want to reach. With the years of experience under the belts of each of our team members and the dedication they have to the work that they do, you can be sure that your ads will be highly visible, click-worthy, and traffic generating.

To find out how you can utilize your social media accounts for your marketing and advertising needs, and to get started on making these social media portals your new go-to avenues for increased traffic and income, contact Cebu Digital Hub today!